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Looking at the date of my last blog post I am surprised and a little embarrassed. I told myself I was going to be much more faithful to this poor little blog. It seems I took the spring and summer off.

Well I’m back and I have made some changes to the focus of my blog. The title of this blog is ” Begin With Grace. Plan your wedding and live your life with amazing grace”. I want to focus as much on life as I do on weddings.

I’ve been planning weddings for almost 20 years. Oh my glory how the industry has changed! I still love it and I’m not sure I ever wanted to give it up. All too often I get calls from brides who really don’t understand the value of an experienced planner and are looking for a bargain planner. That’s just not me!! The industry standard says that planning a wedding takes 250 hours. Even though I love what I do, I am not willing to dedicate 250 hours of my time, my heart, and family time to earn little more than minimum wage.

I spent a lot of time in prayer in the last few months about what I was supposed to be doing with my time and talent. I had to wrestle with the tight grip I had on wedding planner being who I am. I had to let go and turn it over to the Lord. I had to admit that He knew how much I loved that part of my life, but He wanted me to love Him and to be obedient to His plan for me more. ( oh man that word obedient is hard for me).

I kept coming up with plans, but they were my plans. Throughout this time a woman who previously had been part of the wedding industry in Houston, Tysh Mefford kept popping up on my news feed on Facebook. She had closed her invitation business and began as a Stella & Dot Stylist. Interesting, but not for me. When I was a very young Mom I “sold” Avon and I was terrible at it. So I kept trying to listen for God’s plan for me.

A few weeks ago I was reading a post by the adorable Emily Ley and she mentioned a cross she received from Stella & Dot. There it was again! So I emailed Tysh and a few minutes after I hit send I got a call from the mother of a former bride, telling me daughter number 2 is engaged.

There it was …. I could do both. I will do both

So here it is
I am a daughter of the King
I am a wife, mother and grandmother
I am a friend
I am a wedding planner
I am a Stella & Dot stylist

Now that I have all this off my chest I hope you come back for more.

” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. Phil. 4:13




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Happy 20th birthday to my dear friends at Darryl & Co
I am constantly amazed at the wealth of talent around one roof! They are my “go to” for everything wedding beautiful.

You were a great little company when I first met you in that little office and warehouse and it’s been my great pleasure to watch you grow into the world class design company you’ve become.

Here’s to 20 more, friends!

All my love,


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How often have I heard that….

My answer is … ” How can you not?”

A professional wedding planner can save you time, money AND give you peace of mind during the planning process.

As a experienced planner I can guide you to vendors that I know will fit both your personality and your budget. Why fall in love with an amazing photographer, venue or dress that are so outside your budget that you are left frustrated and disappointed?

The average bride and groom spend 250 hours planning their wedding. 250 hours?!?

Working with a wedding planner will allow you to cut that time down considerably and make good use of the time you do spend in planning. Most brides and grooms have full time job or are full time students, do you have 250 hours to spare?

Often brides tell me that their family or bridesmaids are going to assist them in the planning process. Think about this for a moment before you accept these generous and sincere offers of help. Families can often become too helpful and their taste is many times not your taste. Bridesmaids often are in the same boat as you, they are extremely busy with careers and families of their own. The last thing you want is to have hurt feelings leading up to your wedding because a bridesmaid ” let you down” and didn’t perform a promised task. As a wedding planner I would be doing my “job” in planning your wedding.not doing you a favor.

The time and money I ( or another fabulous professional planners ) can save you will more than justify my fee.

Why don’t you call me today and let’s schedule your complimentary consultation and figure out what services you need and how Beginnings can fit into your wedding day plans.


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Haley and I will be sharing with you about our wonderful visit at Hyatt Lost Pines very soon. We rushed back to Houston to be with our bride Cortney for her bridal portrait session with the oh so talented Adam Nyholt. Of course we can’t share pictures of Cortney in her dress as she wants her groom’s first glimpse of her to be as she comes down the aisle on her father’s arm.

What I can show you are a few detail pictures and Adam at work.


Just imagine our beautiful bride on that lovely sofa







And that folks is the end of this wonderful bridal portrait session. Cortney is such a beautiful bride and Adam is quite simply a pro! Thank you Haley for getting these behind the scene shots. A big thank you to the Hotel Granduca for being so gracious with us all.

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