Happy Anniversary


Happy 20th birthday to my dear friends at Darryl & Co
I am constantly amazed at the wealth of talent around one roof! They are my “go to” for everything wedding beautiful.

You were a great little company when I first met you in that little office and warehouse and it’s been my great pleasure to watch you grow into the world class design company you’ve become.

Here’s to 20 more, friends!

All my love,



Did you say yes???

Did he pop the question?
Did you eat the ” yes” cupcake???
If so you’re mind is racing as you begin the most exciting, frustrating, romantic,time consuming journey that you can imagine.
At Beginnings it’s my job to take the frustrating, time consuming part of the equation AWAY.
Planning your wedding becomes my job. So while you are at work or school doing your job, I am doing mine!
Call me today and lets begin this exciting journey that takes you to the day that you stop being a “bride to be” and become a wife.
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There’s not much else that needs to be said.
I hope you all are surrounded by love today. Romantic love, family love, friends love!!!

The beautiful print above comes from a sweet sweet girl ( I can call her a girl because I could be her Momma). Lara Casey. Please check out her new amazing site at Lara Casey Media

Happy 2013


Happy Saturday Morning!

Happy Saturday morning everyone! This week is always such an odd week for me. The excitement of Christmas is winding down and I anticipate the arrival of a fresh clean blank slate of a new year. I thought I might share a few thoughts and images this week that I have collected but just never found the right time to share them.


Sadly I can’t give credit to the originator of this picture,but I hope it will speak to someone the way it has to me

Love ya,

I often receive requests from vendors to be added to the list of vendors I give to my clients.
First there is no ” Official Beginnings Vendor List”. I do have such a list in my head BUT I give vendor referrals to my clients based on their style, their personality and budget.

These vendor requests are often from professionals who are new to the Houston area or new to the wedding industry. I always try to be supportive, talk with them and look at their work or product because I never know where I’ll find a vendors who’s work I LOVE. Once or twice I have even referred one of my couples to a vendor I haven’t worked with yet after checking references. Hopefully they have already worked with someone who’s opinion I trust AND my client always knows they are not one of my ” tried and true”vendors.

Once upon a time I was new in this industry and I know how hard it is to ” get known”. Even though I am always thrilled to encourage and share with new vendors I need my couples to feel confident that I always offer them my ” A Team”

Ok…. So who got a lovely new ring for Christmas??

Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now? Take a deep breath…enjoy the moment before you jump head first into wedding planning.

I bet you think I’m going to tell you the first thing you need to do is CALL ME
Nope, you, your groom to be and your families first need to decide on a wedding date and then CALL ME! It’s impossible for me to agree to plan your wedding with you unless I know if I am available on that date. Next if WHERE your ceremony and or reception will be is VERY important to you, check your proposed date with the venue first .

Now you have a ring, a groom, and a date….

Many brides start the planning process, sign contracts, spend money and then decide to bring in a planner. Do yourself a huge favor….if you think you might want to hire a planner, make an appointment for an initial consultation with a professional planner BEFORE you start signing and spending. Your planner will have a team of vendors they can refer you to. Vendors we know are experienced, dependable and will fit your style and budget. Many times I have had to go back and try to correct decisions a couple has made that they regret.

This can be a terribly stressful time in your life OR you can enjoy this time of being THE BRIDE. The choice is completely yours. This may be your first time planning a wedding BUT its not mine.
My job is help you and your groom and both your families celebrate your marriage. The wedding is just the BEGINNING….